Monday, August 22, 2011

The List

My good friends Kat and Eliza and I created a google doc of all the things we wanted to do together this summer.  Or I did.  I guess that's the kind of thing you have time to do when your friends all have jobs and you don't.  But if you knew Kat, you'd know that if its "not on the list, it doesn't get done".  We thought we'd have a lot longer to do some of these things, so I'm a little sad that we only got to cross two things off, but here it is.

The first thing we crossed off was the Washington County Fair.  Kat had never been to a county fair before, which I could not believe, nor had she ever had a corn dog, which I also could not believe... so off we went.  It was a hot, fun-filled day with delicious corn dogs, not-so-delicious fried twinkie (gross), lots of animals, lots of... conservatives, and a ride called The Viper.

traffic stopper

gross deep fried twinkie

I chose not to find out

Yesterday, for our final adventure we chose to go to the Columbia River Gorge.  We parked the car along the side of the road and hiked up the horsetail trail.  It was a short hike that took us uphill and under a waterfall.  Through the trees there were views of the Columbia River and unfortunately the highway.  When we were driving back I could see where people were getting into the river with their tubes and I had a sudden urge to get back to California and into the American River...

The Columbia River

Eliza under the falls

Three silluoettes under the falls

At the top

Looking down from the foot bridge

Oregon sure is pretty

The beer at the end of the tunnel, courtesy of McMennamin's Edgefield

Now that I have to finish packing and pick up my car tomorrow morning at 6am to drive back to California, the list is going to be left unfinished... for now.  But I have a very strong feeling that I will be back.  Katherine and Eliza have been my anchors this summer and I will miss them dearly (Memphis too).

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  1. Looks like fun, and it's a good thing you have things left on your list! More to do later! XOXOX